January 26, 2021

eBET Launches Speed Roulette

eBET has unveiled the latest addition to its growing portfolio of Live Casino products, the Speed Roulette Live. Players can now bet with an automated real-time roulette guaranteeing a faster game completion and 100% error free.

Speed Roulette Live features a fast-paced, fully automated version of the original live roulette…except with no dealer! Instead, the ball is automatically released into the spinning wheel with a capability of 60-80 rounds per hour, spinning 24 hours a day in a live environment.

Just like every other live casino products provided by eBET, Speed Roulette is playable across all desktop and mobile devices. What’s more, the game is supported in 15 languages, and more to come in the following weeks.

The game is now available across eBET and its operating partners, ready for you to try it out. For additional information, please contact: gaming@ebet.com