October 15, 2019

New UI is Launching!

Brand New Interface

Player Favorite Color combination : Black and Gold Mobile enhanced UI layout, increasing player engagement and user friendliness.

Symbolism in Visual Images

Eye-catching user-friendly icons improve readability and player attention.

One-Touch Customized Settings

Easily accessed one-touch settings on the main menu.

Trending tables visibility

Multi-table roadmap accessibility on every table, allowing players quick entrance to trending tables.
Player behavioral-based shortcuts are automatically created on the main menu allowing players quick access to their favorite games.

Smooth Player Experience

Transitions effects added to create a smoother and visually stunning player experience.

Fullscreen Display

eBET’s sensual dealers are now available in full screen, providing a more intimate and uninterrupted gaming experience.

Engaging Promotional Banner

Increase player engagement with enhanced promotional banners.
The additional commercial space allows for multiple simultaneous promotional announcements and displays.

Minimalist Aesthetic

Traditional menu bars have been replaced, providing unobstructed views of gaming content.